Matrix Assassins

Be My Human Design Valentine with Erin Claire Jones

February 14, 2022 Matrix Assassins Season 1 Episode 37
Matrix Assassins
Be My Human Design Valentine with Erin Claire Jones
Show Notes

#37: Step into the game with the MA girls on this special Valentine’s Day episode diving into Human Design with Erin Claire Jones. Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science that sheds light on a person’s energetic makeup, which can be used as a tool to live at their happiest, healthiest, highest potential. It offers insight into what’s possible, and highlights the significance of understanding and living as the fullest expression of themselves. Erin is a guide, coach, and speaker utilizing Human Design to assist others in accessing ways to live with greater ease and authenticity. Her teachings provide practical tools, digestible tips, and deeper self-knowledge, which help pave a new path toward success and a new perspective on living as you truly are. 

Some topics discussed include:

 Human Design, time, date, place of birth, energetic blueprints, decision-making, working in teams, relationships, partnerships, different approaches to Human Design, living in flow, feeling expanded, alignment, empowerment, the system of uniqueness, the five human design types (projector, manifesting generator, manifestor, generator, reflector), astrology, energy, quantum physics, chakras, biochemistry, how we are meant to best use our energy, optimizing working relationships, gut feelings, visceral responses, being invited in, words of affirmation, being seen/valued, creative outlets, signs of being on track, signs of being off track, layering charts, supporting others, interpersonal dynamics, overcoming resistance, listening to your inner authority, and so much more. 

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