Matrix Assassins

Heroic and Committed Doses with Dr. Chris Walton

February 22, 2022 Matrix Assassins Season 1 Episode 38
Matrix Assassins
Heroic and Committed Doses with Dr. Chris Walton
Show Notes

#38: Step into the game with the MA girls for another mind-blowing episode with Dr. Chris Walton, as he discusses his most profound encounters with plant medicines. Chris Walton, PhD is internationally recognized as an expert in personal change and peak performance. After over 30 years of research and exploration, Chris created a cutting edge system to optimize the mind and body to maximize energy, resilience, performance, and success. This resulted in a breakthrough in personal change, known as: The Gamma Mindset. The Gamma Mindset creates a unique brain state in just 60 Seconds and allows you to make rapid and profound changes to your self-belief, thinking patterns, and emotional reactions- moving you in the right direction with clarity, confidence, and purpose. Don’t forget to refer back to Episode 13 to hear about Dr. Walton’s sensory deprivation/out of body experiences at the Monroe Institute. 

Some topics discussed include:
Plant medicines, altered states of consciousness, exploring consciousness, personal development, spiritual growth, ayahuasca ceremonies, iboga, psilocybin, DMT, how to prepare for a ceremony, shamans, Dr. Walton’s 4 most extreme ayahuasca experiences, Terence McKenna, heroic and committed doses, ideal ceremony settings, 3D journeys, reptile creatures leaving the energy field, fractals, seeing at the molecular/energetic level, field of energy, being taken to be healed, serpent symbolism, obliterating consciousness, feeling of oneness and bliss, contracting and expanding consciousness, state of connectedness, powerful healing medicine, spirit of the earth, listening to your inner wisdom, Monroe Institute, mass hallucinations, thoughts on special diets to prepare in advance, integration, paradigm shifts, after effects, full realization, ceremony music, experience with bad trips, a journey back in time through the ancestral line to the beginning of time, the seed of creation, the infinite field of energy and information, and so much more. 

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