Matrix Assassins

Manifesting Your Destiny Using Liquid Luck with Dr. Joe Gallenberger

March 08, 2022 Matrix Assassins Season 1 Episode 39
Matrix Assassins
Manifesting Your Destiny Using Liquid Luck with Dr. Joe Gallenberger
Show Notes

#39: Step into the game with the MA girls and amp up your manifestation skills with Dr. Joe Gallenberger. Dr. Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience as a therapist and has a great interest in the universal principles of manifestation. In 1995, he began exploring psychokinesis, which is the ability to influence matter through non-physical means. Dr. Gallenberger offers a variety of programs designed to expand consciousness. His SyncCreation® home study course, and Inner Vegas™ Adventure Workshops have taken participants into fascinating states of power and intuition. His students achieve strong altered states of consciousness and energy, resulting in dramatic physical and psychological healing, strong influence over dice and slot machines, and many beautiful manifestations in participants’ personal lives.  

Some topics discussed include:

Manifestation, psychokinesis (PK), working as a trainer at The Monroe Institute, practicing psychokinesis in Las Vegas casinos, altered states of consciousness, time distortions, impact of limiting beliefs, meditation, gratitude, how to get rid of negative thought patterns, how to get into high vibrational states, synchronicity, strengthening energy, the role of superstitions, genuine gratitude, letting go of negative emotions, patterns of strong manifestors, healing health issues, healing work, taking yourself out of linear time, achieving coherence as a group, the role of synchronicity in manifestation, examples of manifestation results, noticing numeric synchronicities, expanding and opening the heart, notable psychokinesis experiments, The Global Consciousness Project, future projects/endeavors, and so much more. 

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