Matrix Assassins

Dimethyltryptamine with 5D Awakening Consciousness

March 17, 2022 Matrix Assassins Season 1 Episode 40
Matrix Assassins
Dimethyltryptamine with 5D Awakening Consciousness
Show Notes

#40: Step into the game with the MA girls and Champ Parinya, the creator of the Great Awakening Map (AKA 5D Awakening Consciousness on Instagram). Champ is an award winning artist, yogi, and the ultimate red pill dispenser, who navigates topics ranging from the deep state to the deepest states of mind. In this episode, Champ shares his personal experiences with DMT and eloquently describes the ethereal landscapes, abstract realms, and the sacred imageries that exist in higher states of consciousness. 

Some topics discussed include:

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), Champ’s experiences with DMT, religious/spiritual understandings, light as a physical form, multidimensional beings, visualscapes, landscapes, abstract realms, psychedelic artists, themes and motifs with DMT, Terence McKenna, entrance into the experience with DMT, membrane gate/entrance barrier, vibrant new colors, pure light, spiraling pinwheels/machine elves, telepathy, sacred imagery of temples, light palaces, Egyptian imagery, seeing languages, connection of Buddhism to psychedelics, pure lands, sukhavati, thin line between life and death, venturing to the edge of life past the boundary of death, censorship of DMT and psychedelics, censorship of higher dimensional realms, deep state agendas, inner transformation leading to outer transformation, DMT trip is analogous to the birth canal, galactic birth canal, DMT released into body at the moment of death, preparation for DMT, Buddha consciousness, Dzogchen, rainbow body, hyperspace, the bardo, the jewel of creation, emotional/spiritual struggle, enlightenment, jumpgate portals, secret aerospace corporations, ancient stargates, and so much more.

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