Matrix Assassins

The Falsification of History with John Hamer

April 22, 2021 Matrix Assassins Season 1 Episode 9
Matrix Assassins
The Falsification of History with John Hamer
Show Notes

#9 On this week’s episode John Hamer steps into the game with the MA girls.  A geopolitical researcher and author of “The Falsification of History” and “The Falsification of Science,” among several others. These two works combined equate to a reference bible of conspiracy theory/conspiracy fact, which help guide readers toward the conclusion that so much of science and history has been distorted and manipulated to benefit the Elite, those in the ruling class who sit atop the allegorical pyramid of society. 

 Topics discussed include: Origins of the human race, the Theory of Evolution, the Annunaki, the Library of Alexandria, Pagan roots, the death of Princess Diana, rethinking the American Revolution, the Georgia Guidestones, Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 2021/2030, the Great Reset, fake dinosaur bones, the true writer of Shakespeare’s works, the rewriting of history, the student loan scam, the sunscreen hoax, and John’s future endeavors (including writing his next book about AI and transhumanism).

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