Matrix Assassins

The Greatest Story Ever Told Throughout the Ancient Civilizations with Matthew Lacroix

September 27, 2021 Matrix Assassins Season 1 Episode 25
Matrix Assassins
The Greatest Story Ever Told Throughout the Ancient Civilizations with Matthew Lacroix
Show Notes

#25: Step into the game with the MA girls and journey backwards and forwards in time with the amazing author and researcher, Matthew LaCroix. In this episode, you will learn about how humanity is the most epic story that has ever been told. At the age of 32, Matt published his first book, “The Illusion of Us,” which combined years of research to discover the truth about the past, human origins, the gods of antiquity, and the fundamentals of consciousness. In 2019 he published, “The Stage of Time,” which represents a compilation of the study of ancient texts, evidence of lost civilizations, spiritual wisdom, and theoretical physics, in an effort to find answers to some of the most difficult questions. The world is a stage and we’re all playing a part in creating the most amazing future, destined and foretold by the ancients. After listening to this episode, your hope for humanity will be restored.

Some topics discussed include:

Working at Gaia, moving across country, the pains of assimilating in society, The Truman Show, Sirius Canis Major, Sirius star system, the future of humanity, ancient texts, ancient knowledge, ancient civilizations, suppressed history, mass awakening, wanderers, star seeds, materialistic societies, the underpinnings of society, the direction and future of mankind, cycles in history, 25,700 great year cycle, twelve ages of the zodiac, Age of Pisces, Age of Aquarius, polarity of the zodiac, significance of the year 2012, cycles of consciousness, universal consciousness, nine stages of human consciousness, energies from the galactic center, shifts in consciousness, transition in energy, eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience, return to the next golden age, collective creators of reality, avoiding nuclear holocaust, divine guidance, Sumerian texts and tablets, Emerald Tablets, Cuneiform Tablets, origin stories, creator gods, prime creator, infinite versions of reality, lost libraries, Epic of Gilgamesh, secret societies, inversion of symbolism, redefining consciousness, and so much more.

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