Matrix Assassins

Manifesting the Divine Feminine with Andrea Lowell

October 05, 2021 Matrix Assassins Season 1 Episode 26
Matrix Assassins
Manifesting the Divine Feminine with Andrea Lowell
Show Notes

#26 Step into the game with the MA girls to enter into a high vibe conversation about the divine feminine and divine masculine with the beautiful, Andrea Lowell. Andrea is a self-mastery coach, personal trainer, superfood and longevity expert. She is the creator of the I Am Everything Project, which teaches women how to fully integrate and self master their true wondrous beings by successfully guiding them through self-actualization and radical self-awareness to embody everything they will ever need. The I Am Everything Project is the universal blueprint to take any living soul to new and incredible heights and to live a life beyond their wildest dreams. Andrea’s amazing energy speaks volumes and after this episode you will feel like you just took a high frequency bath, and will feel equipped to implement a variety of action steps to manifest and call in what you truly desire. 

Some topics discussed include:
Becoming a self-actualized being, manifestation techniques, self mastery, integration, solutions for long term success, qualities of the divine feminine and divine masculine, toxic cultural standards of beauty and self worth, cultural distortion of divine masculine and divine feminine, self awareness, inner knowing, intuition, discernment, false light, narcissism, service to others, cleaning the mind/body/spirit, detox tips, radical self awareness, reprogramming your neurons, practicing gratitude, quantum theory, creative flow, living in a state of bliss, natural and universal law, effortless ease, getting rid of expectation, uncovering blocks, the medical matrix, ability to receive, abundance, the power of words, relationships, self actualization, and so much more. 

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